Care and Treatment at Stern

At Stern Cardiovascular, we provide a vast array of cardiovascular services. They range from testing and diagnostics to treatment and follow-up care. Looking for a cardiology team with services that address your heart healthcare needs? Here you can find our services organized by category or see the list alphabetically.

Vascular Screening

Are you at risk for a stroke or heart attack? Our screening will help answer those questions.

Interventional Cardiology

Are you relying on medication to relieve a heart condition? Interventionalists diagnose and treat conditions using minimally invasive procedures.

Pacing and Arrhythmia Management

Conduction involves electrical impulses in the heart that cause it to beat. A disruption in the impulses can mean a conduction disorder.

Women's Heart Health

Women face the threat of heart disease. It is critical that they become knowledgeable about the symptoms and risks unique to them.


Our staff offers Lipid, Coumadin and Device clinics to help our patients better understand and manage their cardiac health.


Cardiac diagnosis and treatment is important. It is made possible because of the variety of cardiac imaging procedures we have.

Diagnostics and Testing

Cardiology diagnostic tests are methods of identifying heart conditions associated with healthy vs. unhealthy heart function.

Stern Cardio Diet

Our simple to follow, 3-step plan allows you to lose weight while targeting the fat your body has stored and uses it as energy.

Vein Center

Do your veins in your legs appear enlarged, bulgy, or do they appear to be in groups of thinner veins?