About Telemedicine

We offer our patients the opportunity to see and talk remotely with their cardiologist about their health. Telemedicine, at Stern, refers to physician and patient interaction when the two are not physically present at the same location. Using technology such as a computer or a mobile device enables a consultation using HIPAA compliant video-conferencing tools. (“Doc See Me”) is a free, simple and convenient website to use for a doctor and patient video call when meeting at the doctor’s office isn’t the best solution. Using is easy and provides an opportunity for you to have a private and secure conversation with your doctor from the comfort of your home. Learn more about

How It Works

Once you make an appointment with your doctor (by phone or online), a staff member at Stern will contact you to confirm your Telemedicine appointment with your doctor. The staff member will email a link to you to click to attend your Telemedicine visit. Click the link no more than 5 minutes before your appointment and be sure your session opens in a web browser most appropriate for your device: